Broker's Wisdom: The 5 C's to sell your home faster

Posted by Lou Eytalis on Feb 7, 2017 in News

There are more ways to sell a home than by lowering the price! You also do not need to spend a ton of money remodeling either. Our broker John Caussey uses these 5 C's to help our clients sell faster and with more money in their pocket! 

  1. Curb Appeal is everything

    You might not believe in love at first sight, but a prospective buyer sure does.  That pile of limbs that fell during the last storm or the pretty Christmas lights still hanging can get in the way of making a great first impression. That is why it is important to make sure that the yard is clear and maintained.  Also, you do not have to posses a green thumb to plant a few flowers in a bed or pots to stand out. 


  1. Clutter is your enemy 

   We all have that stack of mail full of ads and the bobbles on the shelf given by our family and friends, which you’re not able to throw away. These are the things that catches the eye of a buyer instead of the beautiful crown molding and intricate stair well.  Another place that clutter hinders your sale is in your closet. You can clean out your closet by donating or even packing the clothes that are not in season. If you are eager to sell and move, you will be steps ahead by getting a storage locker with things prepacked. Furniture can also be clutter and skew the perception of a buyer, if it hinders a buyer’s ability to comfortably view your house. Those pieces of furniture can also be taken to storage. Remember Less for the buyer to see the more your chances go up to sell. 


  1. Cleanliness is your best friend

   Once all the clutter is gone this one should be easier. Be sure to wipe down all appliances and counter tops. Smell is also important, stick to neutral smells like fresh linen and warm vanilla, this can be provided by a plug in or spray. It would be ideal to avoid candles and warmers due to the possibility of fire. If your lifestyle is too busy to give this one primary attention, while your house is listed possibly hire some one to come in once a week to keep things spic and span. 


  1. Cover the walls neutral 

  Not everyone's favorite color is pastel or olive green. Wall color can make the difference. A neutral color allows a buyer to better visualize themselves in the house. Also a fresh coat of paint will give the home a newer and maintained feel. This can also be important incase the home was built before 1978 when lead paint was prominent. If this is the case we can provide you with the necessary pamphlet to protect you as a seller. 


  1. Clear your personal effects

   You may love that picture with your best friend in funny costumes, but potential buyers will see that as you marking your territory. While your home is on the market you want a buyer to see themselves in your house. Like trying on new clothes in the store, if you are not able to see yourself in it, then you will not buy it.  Personal effects also include things with your name on them or personal hobbies.  Those stuffed deer on the walls may appeal to other hunters but not to a potential buyer who is a vegan. That storage unit we mentioned can house those things until you find your next home. 


Be sure to call any of our Strategic Realty professionals for an assessment of your property's readiness to sell! Coming soon from our broker are tips and tricks on getting your land or acreage ready to show.